Systems department

Our flag ship department, High experience and ability in assembling complicated machines made of different technologies. The process includes integration, software and application installation, packing and shipping to customer, to stock or to airport.

Assembly department

We meet the requirements for high quality cabling, harnessing, wiring, S.M.T. and P.C.B. assemblies. The department’s specialty is custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturing. We can provide any type of custom cable assembly you need. Our Assembly Department is fully equipped with all the latest tools needed. The manufacturing halls are categorized per customer.

Customer service & Procurement department

This sophisticated department plans and controls the manufacturing process to ensure you receive the best service and the best price upon request. We are also on an ongoing demand for new suppliers to integrate with Elnadav. We will take in a highest consideration your request for shorter lead time. The department will handle any concern that may arise.

Engineering and Quality Assurance

Our wonderful Engineering, QA and QC departments all final processes in the company according to the : ISO 9001:2000, IPC-A-610B, MIL-STD 2000 and Ministry of Defense B level and much more. Concept/ schematic designing, redesigning for cost savings and reverse engineering from sample or documentation and specification review.

Elnadav Management
Mr.Itzik Amoyal General Manager
Ms.Meital Liberman Marketing & Business Development Manager
Ms.Olga Glinsky QA and Engineering Manager
Ms.Bela Aronchikov Material Manager
Ms.Larisa Shtargot Human Resource & Administration Manager
Mr.Menachem Yirmiyahou Elnadav IT & Integrator Manager
Mr.Arkady Chernin Systems Production Manager
Ms.Joya Haligi Building Blocks Manager
Ms.Rina Sofer-Asraf Wiring & Assembly Manager
Ms.Ricki Uzan Account Manager
Ms.Leila Saban Project Leader
Ms.Elena Babadzinov Customers Service
Ms.Liliana Menes Finance Manager
Ms.Revital Amoyal Quality Control
Mr.Shlomi Lando Integration Leader
Ms.Violetta Babchinizer Quality Control
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